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Students at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, PA visited with Harriet Tubman and Brother Ely.


"Harriet Tubman: Humanity, History, Heroine, and Honor"

Examining How Harriet Tubman earned the honor of being selected to be the first American Woman on US Currency, the $20 bill.


Designed for College classes and student club activities:

Providing thought-provoking discussions and research projects:

Ideal for courses discussing

                  • Servant Leadership
                  • Women's Studies
                  • African American Studies
                  • American History
                  • Community Organizing
                  • Diversity and Inclusion


Enhance the classroom activity, or workshop with a stage performance of:


    "A Visit with Harriet Tubman"      

Through the enchantment of dramatic storytelling, visitors travel back to the year

1910 to talk to the 90-year-old,

Harriet Tubman and to be charmed by

 Negro spirituals.  

IDEAL for Special Student and Community offering on campus                 


Brown Tones Productions also provides

Possibly opportunities for applied learning for student projects and activities