HELP for Community




"Harriet Tubman, Courageous, Confident, Controlled and Ready to Take Action!"  



For Community Groups, Churches, Women's Groups,  Businesses Looking to inspire people to be involved in positive actions


Karol Brown, Storyteller, Author, Teaching Artist, Business Woman, brings

Harriet Tubman to your event for: 

Customized Seminars, Keynotes, or  Workshops and Storytelling Performances

to share selected stories from her book:

"30 Lesson in Love, Leadership, and Legacy from Harriet Tubman"* by Karol Brown

Lessons such as:

  • Have A Support System
  • Realize the Goal with Others
  • Network
  • Support Women
  • Take Action When Needed
  • Have Courage and Don't Be Afraid to Speak Up

   *Or any other lessons from the book.  We will work with your group to design a collection of stories from Harriet Tubman to fit your group's needs.                                                                                                                         

*Tee-shirt is from the Harriet Tubman